LF105 cell

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Product introduction
Item Parameter Remark
Typical Capacity 106.5Ah@1.0C discharge Discharge   current 1.0C with 2.5V cut off (25±2)℃
Minimum Capacity 105.0Ah@1.0C discharge
Typical Voltage 3.2V Under 0.5C discharge
AC Impedance Resistance ≤0.5mΩ
Charge current (CC-CV) Max Charge Current 1 C The maximum charge current of the battery does not exceed 1C under 0℃~45℃.
Cut-off Voltage 3.65 V
Discharge Max   Discharge Current 1 C preference   value.
Cut-off Voltage 2.5 V
Charging time Standard 2.0 h 0.5C charge (time is reference)
Quick charge 1.0 h lC charge(time is reference)
Recommend SOC Window SOC: 10%~90%
Charging Temperature 0℃~55℃ See   the appendix for details.
Discharging Temperature -20C~55℃ Battery   can work at specified temperature range with capacity loss in tolerance.
Storage Temperature One month -20℃~45℃
One year     0℃~35℃
Storage Humidity <70%
Weight 1980g±100g