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As a manufacturer that has been in the field of new energy for ten years,we have a deep understanding of the application of lithium batteries, such as electric buses, electric trucks, electric sweepers, electric forklifts, mobile energy storage, and low-speed vehicles. Some people will use module to refit traditional transport vehicles.


A German customer converted his tractor into an electric tractor using standard  lithium battery modules. After being converted into electricity supply, it not only meets the EU's requirements for environmental protection ROHS, but also can help customers save 90% of the fuel cost in today's rising oil prices. What's more, the modified electric tractor can produce higher speed and higher torque than traditional tractors without making any noise.


We follow the tenet of "LEARN FROM NATURE,CONTRIBUTE TO NATURE", and have been committed to the promotion of clean energy. It is a matter of pride that clean energy can be applied in more fields. If you also have some brain-opening ideas and need more product information, please contact us, let's change the world together.

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