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BOSA Shows on E-TECH EUROPE Fair: A Good Trip

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BOSA Shows on E-TECH EUROPE Fair: A Good Trip

In the 21st century,people's awareness of environmental protection and the demand for renewable energy have been further improved,and the promotion of renewable energy has become more important.As a portal website born in Italy in 1999,ZeroEmission is committed to promoting the use of renewable energy through various initiatives,which play an indispensable role in the spread of renewable energy in the industrial system.

Entering 2022,ZeroEmission organized and organized the E-TECH EUROPE Expo in Bologna,Italy on April 12th and 13th.Over two days,more than 215 international companies will showcase their most Good electric vehicle technology,the entire technology exhibition contains a total of five themed exhibitions,covering the entire electric vehicle supply chain:batteries and supercapacitors,electric vehicle technology,electric motors,metals and materials,recycling.


The Show itself was very good,and the organizers already received requests for the next year for double exhibitors than 2022,it looks promising.In our booth we have received approx 300 visits for general information,among them 30persons(10%)spent their time in discussing their application and could represent New Business Opportunities, and we already stareted to fix appointments with those 30 leads.


BOSA is a new energy technology company from China adhering to the concept of learn from nature,contributed to nature and has developed in the field of renewable energy.It mainly provides high-quality products and technical support services for lithium batteries,and provides LFP modules for renewable energy.,customized battery packs and other collaborative products.The management team has extensive experience in the industry and is able to formulate quotations and estimates for various types of applications(emergency systems,energy storage systems,electric vehicles,floor cleaners,forklifts,etc.)This series of advantages puts us in a leading position in renewable energy.

We have ten years of experience in the development of the European market,many of our products have many certifications including TUV,CEUL,UN38.3,and we have distributors in Germany.The main products in this exhibition include LF105 1P12S and LF280 1P8S modules,which are used in bus,truck,tractor,electric boat,etc.

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