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24V 2.5Kwh AGV battery starts SOP

Author: Release time:2022-04-08 viewed:318

Cooperated R&D with our customer, BOSA AGV battery power supply has successfully passed customer approval test and got high comments.

AGV battery


The 2.5Kwh battery has height 170mm, which is lowest in same level.

Different with dozens of cells inside, there are only 4 cells in side,reduces the failure rate by 97%;

“We can say it’s much much safer” commented by Mr.Peter Jurgens, CTO of  LBT Germany, “With Blue tooth function built in, you can easily see through the battery on your cells phone, all data could be set by you ”

With IP54 protection level, it could be expanded to IP 68 according to different working conditions.

“Battery weight is 24kg, workers can handle it much easier. It offers 100A discharge current, could be recharge 80% during one coffee break;”

Introduced by Luca lu, Sales director of BOSA energy,“With our long life type LiFePO4 material and battery design technology ,our LFP cell has excellent safety    performance and 6000 cycle life ”,“Our next generation AGV battery could work in -20 ℃ working conditions”.

Bosa Energy focus on standard battery modules supplying with products applied on electric trucks, electric buses, utility vehicles,marine application, electric yacht, home energy storage,off-grid energy storage and MWH energy storage systems etc. Our rich experience could help customers designing and improving their system designs.

Hope to join hands with partners to contribute to a greener future.

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