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Congratulations on designation from Jaguar Land Rover

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After BMW, we have been designated by Jaguar Land Rover 48V battery project again After receiving orders from mainstream international car companies such as Daimler, Hyundai, and BMW, We have won another large    order. On February 25, We released an announcement stating that the company participated in the 48V battery      system project of Jaguar Land Rover Limited (Jaguar Land Rover, hereinafter referred to as "JLR"), and recently received a supplier letter from JLR with the name of the designated project. It is "20Ah MHEV Battery". 

In July last year, We received a letter from BMW Brilliance's supplier, becoming the second Chinese power   battery manufacturer to enter the BMW supply chain after the Ningde era. Three months later, We released        another announcement that the company participated in the German BMW Group battery system project and        recently received a supplier letter from the German BMW Group. The designated project name is "BK 48V".

Prior to this, Wang Binggang, the leader of the National New Energy Vehicle Innovation Engineering Project   Expert Group, revealed that the "Energy-saving and New Energy Vehicle Technology Roadmap (Version 2.0)" has passed the expert review. The biggest change in the roadmap this time lies in the perception of "hybrid power". 

Change and propose to actively promote the realization of "hybridization" of traditional cars. Looking back at  the automotive market in the past two years, while the development of pure electric and plug-in hybrid models, the growth momentum of 48V micro-hybrid vehicles is also quite rapid. Industry organizations predict that the             pressure of environmental protection regulations in the next few years will promote the gradual formation of 48V    technology component suppliers’ capacity layout. Driven by the launch of many new 48V technology automotive    products represented by European brands, it is expected that the global passenger car will be used by 2025. The supporting scale of 48V vehicles is expected to exceed 14 million. 

"The OEM tells us that such a system can reduce emissions by 15% on vehicles. If the ownership of 300       million vehicles is equipped with such a system and multiplied by 15%, the savings in emissions equals 45 million   vehicles, which is far more than 20 million electric vehicles will be owned by 2030." Liu Jincheng, chairman of us, said, "The amount of fixed-point demand we receive is also huge. We can see the OEM's Importance ." 

According to Battery, in addition to being favored by BMW, We have previously signed long-term   supply contracts with mainstream German and Korean car companies such as Daimler and Hyundai-Kia. The         company’s power battery supply will reach Dozens of GWh. 

In terms of domestic customers, We have already cooperated with Xiaopeng Motors, Nanjing King Long, Kaiwo Automobile, Dongfeng Motor, Geely Sichuan, Shanxi New Energy, Hezhong New Energy, Dongfeng Special,     Wuhan Bus, Yangzhou Yaxing, and Shenlong. Waiting for car companies to develop in-depth cooperation, and in    the entire power battery market, the installed capacity ranks among the forefront of the country. 

We are one of the few battery companies in the industry with an all-round layout. Not only does it lead the world in the field of lithium primary batteries, but its power batteries cover cylindrical ternary, soft-packed ternary,   square ternary, and square iron lithium. A variety of technical route products, forming a full range of power battery product structure; unique in the industry. Prior to this, Liu Jincheng said that starting from 2021, the company's    product shipments will enter a new stage. At present, the Huizhou pouch cells are in full production, and the         products are mainly exported to the European market. The production capacity will be increased to 10GWh this   year. 

In addition, We also participated in SKI's 27GWh project in Yancheng, Jiangsu. In the future, our lithium        Pouch battery production capacity will soon increase to 10GWh+8GWh.

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