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China First 100% electric tugboat powered by BOSA LFP battery starts production

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The first 100% electric tugboat in China starts production in Lian Yungang seaport on Oct 22th 2020.


The electric tugboat has length 36 meters, width 10 meters, depth 10 meters and 3.5 meters Draught. It has ship speed no less than 13 knot and operation time over 8 hours.

Totally 5000Kwh battery system will be equipped offering similar performance as 4000 horse power traditional tugboat, making it one of the 6 high power draught boats.    

 In the battery system, standby systems are designed similar to several diesel engines are equipped making sure high working safety.  

Lithium iron phosphate battery will offer propulsive power source replacing diesel engine making the draught boat 100% environment friendly without any emission.

The draught boat could be fully charged in 2 hours(fast charge mode)or 6-8 hours(slow charge mode) .

The draught boat has expected life of 30 years,saving fuel cost 300 ton every years, which equals to the cost of the second draught boat in the whole operation life.   

In every operation year, 900 Ton Oxycarbide and 12 Ton sulfide will be avoided every year, which equals to emission of 300 passenger cars.  

The electric draught boars will contribute to building a green harbour since June 2021 as is planned. 

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