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Our 100% Cobalt free cell LFP230A with 180Wh/Kg energy density starts SOP

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“ It’s 100% Cobalt free, environment friendly,  recyclable and high energy density meets requirement for longer mileage and less weight from our customers” told by BOSA Energy Sales Director Mr.Lu.

The 180Wh/kg energy density LFP230 is a new milestone for LFP cells, which is 100% higher than industrial level of 2010,“We have seen a ‘revolution’ on LFP cells in last 10 years,we could call it ‘revolution’ not only development”as Mr.Lu tells, “Our 100% cobalt free cell energy density will reach 200Wh/kg by 2022 ”.

Our strategy is keep the size of cells, improve cells capacity by invest on developping higher energy density materials and cell mechanical design improvement, it has benefited us a lot from it in last 10 years explained by Mr.Lu.

This cell will be available for overseas market by June 2021.

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