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Our total installed capacity of electric ships exceeds 200

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Our battery got CCS certification by 2016 and German Rhine explosion proof certification by 2019.  

Two projects are on the way, Princess KuoKuoZhen pure electric cruise ship starts production on April 2020 in Guangzhou. 1.5Mwh LFP battery will be used on it.

It will have 160 seats with a total length of 36m, a profile width of 8m, and a profile depth of 3m.

 "Blue Dolphin Electric Cruise" will use 2.5MWh LFP battery with 280 passengers seats, the width is 12.0m, depth is 3.2m, and speed 10.0kn.

The East Lake cruise ship to which we provide the solution has 100% equipped all-electric propulsion system;

The 60 painting boats in Nanjing Confucius Temple Scenic Area can save 1 million yuan in operating costs a year; the Xinjiang Tianchi pure electric tourist boat, the battery solution provided by us has proven Strong adaptability to extreme environments;

As of the end of 2019, we have installed more than 200 electric ships with more than 50MWh including scenic spots, coastal ferries, sightseeing ships and inland cargo ships, port tugs, and river-sea inter-modal bulk carriers. As is reported more than 90% of domestic electric ships are equipped with our battery solutions.



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