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BOSA Energy Co Ltd. and SW E-Mobility UG close a cooperation agreement for marketing

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  BOSA Energy Co Ltd. and SW E-Mobility UG close a cooperation agreement for marketing, sales and distribution of Lithium Ion Battery Cells in Germany and EuropeStuttgart:    China based BOSA Energy Co. Ltd. and Stuttgart based SW E-Mobility UG closed a cooperation agreement in January 2019 for marketing, sales and distribution.

  BOSA Marketing Directir Andy Zhou said: BOSA has closed sales agreements with major battery cell manufacturers in China to support their international sales and distribution of Lithium Ion Batteries and Cells.   The world wide demand for such cells is growing so does the China internal market. Battery manufactures currently do not have the capacity to manage this growths national and international. On the other hand the world wide demand is growing and China is the leading supply and user market for Lithium Ion Battery technology.

    SW E-Mobility CEO Sebastian Wider said:  BOSA and SWE management cooperating since 2009 to establish relable pathes for Lithium Ion Battery Cell supply into Europe.We are happy that the now established cooperation agreement between our compan-ies is paving the way to support the fast increase demand of Lithium Ion Battery Cells in Germany and Europe.

  About BOSA Energy Co Ltd.:  BOSA supports major battery cell manufacturer in China to expand their customer and market base abroad.  We understand the requirements of customers active in different markets such logistics and material handling, home and grid storage systems as well as automotive battery applications. We have more than 15 years experience in interna-tional marketing and sales of Lithium Ion Battery technologies.

  About SW E-Mobility UG:SW E-Mobility has a strong background in electric mobility and electrical storage and converting systems. As we believe renewable electricity is the key technology for changing the energy system we concentrate on the te-chnologies to store electrones and provide those into Mobile and Stationary Applications.

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